जुलाई, 2022 की पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं

This mango cultivator is very special, 300 varieties have been grown from a single tree

Mango season is about to end now, but in the meantime very special news has come about mangoes.  A farmer in Malihabad, UP, world-famous for mango cultivation, has grown about 300 varieties of mangoes from a 120-year-old tree. Kalimullah Khan, a mango cultivator in Malihabad, says that when seen with normal eyes, it looks like only one mango tree, but it is a complete university of mango in itself and the world's largest 'college' of mango.  82-year-old Kaleem told that in his childhood he left school and started creating a new variety of mango.  Initially, seven new varieties of plants were prepared, but all were destroyed in a disaster. Created 300 species since 1987 Kalim told that even after this he did not give up and since 1987 till now, from the 120-year-old mango tree, 300 different species have been developed.  Everyone in this has a completely different colour, shape and taste.  This 120-year-old mango tree is about 30 feet and its dense bra