How to Secure Android Mobile | Smartphone Security Tips

 If you own smartphones, it is crucial to keep them secure otherwise mobile data could be misused. In this article, we have been explained what are the best tips to ensure that how to secure yo Mobile.

Personal information such as mobile numbers, copies of documents, images, etc. within your mobile phone. If this is the case, it's important to secure the device to ensure that they do not fall into improper hands.

The average user of phones on the go isn't paying much to security features on the phone that comes with the handset. If they have the security features turned on, then they'll be able to secure their information.

Here are the most important 10 tips to protect your smartphone to help ensure your phone's security even without the need for antivirus...

Best Smartphone Security Tips

1. Choose a strong password

It is one of the most important steps in how to ensure that your mobile is safe. Create a strong password for every website or app you use. Make sure you don't make the same password for every website or app. To ensure that the password is secure ensure that you have a mix of small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters.

2. Download Apps only from Google Play Store only

If you want to download a fresh one, make sure you download it from an official source, such as Google Play Store or App Store. This means that any harmful applications have been downloaded that could be dangerous to protect your privacy.

3. Download only from the official site.

When you download the PDF file, or any document, etc. on the Internet. If you download anything make sure you know that it's an official website. If you download anything from a website that is not secure, it could be stolen and potentially risky.

4. How to use Passwords to access WiFi & HotSpot

It is crucial to make use of security passwords on WiFi as well as Hotspot. By doing this, nobody will have access to your information.

5. Google Play Protect on. Google Play Protect on

Android users must utilize this feature offered by Google as a separate feature. It checks the apps that are downloaded through using the Play Store and checks that the app has been updated to the security features.

6. Verify the App Permissions

This is among the most crucial security concerns on any gadget. There are a lot of apps that ask for lots of permissions, even though they do not really require these permissions. If for instance, there's an application for a camera that requests permission from a contact be aware that this isn't true since where does the camera application require permission from the contact.

If you think that an app to be suspicious, do not download and install it on your device or refuse to grant it any type of permission as it's not appropriate for privacy. The app sells your information to you for an extremely high cost.

7. Make sure that apps and operating systems are updated

At times, all companies are updating their applications, so make sure to update your apps whenever updates become available. Other than that, it is recommended to upgrade when the latest edition of OS (i.e. Operating System is released. The benefit of upgrading them is that they are more secure than they were before and they eliminate bugs.

8. Avoid visiting websites with suspicious content or clicking on links

Clicking on links or spam websites could put you at risk as, by clicking on them, you are taken directly to the websites where the files (Malware or Virus apps) are downloaded automatically, without your knowledge. It is possible to receive spam links through SMS or email but you should avoid clicking on these links.

9. Make use of a VPN

If you wish to conceal your IP address while you are on any of your websites or applications and don't want your site to be aware of the country from which the user comes choose VPN. This conceals your identity from the Internet. The blocked websites can be accessed through a VPN.

10. DND is activated. DND

If you don't want to receive messages that are not necessary and don't arrive on your mobile, activate DND or Do Not Disturb on your mobile number. Following this, you won't receive any unwanted SMS or unwanted calls.


Data from users is the new oil of the day and companies can accomplish quite a bit with them. The breach of your privacy could cause harm to you as someone could use it to their advantage.

Make sure you follow these smartphone security guidelines and ensure that you ensure that your phone is safe. If you own your smartphone, it's essential to ensure it is safe and secure, otherwise, your mobile data can be used to gain access.


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